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From skin treatment to
cosmetic surgery


  • Renewme provides treatment for atopy,
  • psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin diseases.
  • From skin treatment to cosmetic surgery,
  • Renewme provides treatment for atopy,
  • psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin diseases.
  • POINT 01

    Customized treatment plans

    One-on-one consulting and treatment are
    provided by 15 certified dermatologists.

  • POINT 02

    Selection of male/female doctors

    Patients can select the gender of their
    dermatologist in any Renewme Skin Clinic branch.

  • POINT 03

    Convenient public transportation

    All Renewme clinics are located close to
    subway station exits for easy access.

  • POINT 04

    Late hours

    All Renewme Skin Clinics extend service
    hours to 8:00 PM for your convenience.

  • Enterprise standardized medical services from
  • treatment to management
  • Establishment of medical service
  • valuation basis for all branches
  • Customer management
  • info technology development
  • Leading dermatology
  • clinic in Asia by 2025
  • In addition to simply attracting medical tourists Renewme
  • endeavors to export advanced medical technologies and
  • management systems to Japan, China, Hong Kong,
  • and Thailand by 2025.
  • Start 2011 Vision 2025
  • The year 2011 marks the birth of true quality management
  • in medical services. Renewme aims for quantitative growth by
  • steadily opening branches with a fresh new mindset,
  • and for qualitative growth by impressing patients
  • with our superior management and services.
  • The logo image of Renewme Skin Clinic
  • seeks to symbolize “newly born beauty,”
  • using the noble colors of gold and black to
  • express an urban and sophisticated Oriental beauty.
  • The aesthetic expression of the Chinese character 美 (beauty)
  • uses simple yet elegant lines to represent the modern beauty
  • our dermatology clinic hopes to achieve for you.
  • Patient

  • Patients are Renewme’s top priority.
  • We stand in your shoes, share your concerns,
  • and always place your beauty and
  • satisfaction first.
  • Professionalism

  • Renewme combines exceptional
  • technology, state-of-the-art medical
  • equipment and skillful experience to
  • ensure patient satisfaction and trust.
  • Renewme Beauty

  • We resolve to provide high-quality
  • customized “true beauty” services for
  • each and every patient.

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