Improve pigmented lesions, redness and skin elasticity
  • Vascular lesion treatment
    facial redness, telangiectasis
  • Pigmented lesion treatment
    blemish, age spot, Ota nevus
  • Skin elasticity
    Wrinkle and skin elasticity improvment
  • Skin tone improvement
    pigmented lesions or dark skin tone improvement


Real review after
receiving Excel V laser

[Dr. Ko Na Young from Hwagok branch]
Excel V treatment for facial redness
“I performed Excel V laser with KTP mode to treat my redness.”
It can treat facial redness.
Excel V is applicable for treating various types of skin lesions with three different modes, and I was satisfied with the result after treating my facial redness. With facial redness, avoiding drinking alcohol or a sudden change of temperature in daily life would be helpful. However, we advise you to receive regular treatment for expanded blood vessel.
[Dr.Ha Ji Hyun from Jamsil branch]
Review of Excel V laser treatment
“Excel V laser can treat skin elasticity, pigmented lesions, and blood vessels on the same day without the pain.”
I received the treatment with Genesis mode for facial redness, and pigmented lesions and my face got warm. I’m vulnerable to pain, but I felt a little sore and almost no discomfort. It is also effective for thick blood vessels stretched on the side of the nose.

Why Excel V laser?

◆ Treating various skin lesions with three different modes

  • KTPFor superficial vascular conditions, pigmentation
  • Long Pulse Nd:YAGFor deep vascular conditions pigmentation
  • GenesisFor improving wrinkles, scars, and skin elasticity

◆ Safe and effective premium equipments approved by FDA, CE

  • Minimal pain
    Minimal pain even without anesthetic cream; sapphire cooling system allows the equipment to maintain a steady temperature on the skin
  • No typical laser side-effects
    No typical laser side-effects such as discoloration or burns
  • Short procedure time
    Short procedure time with quick, maximum effects and Minimal downtime for patients

Excel V is recommended for those who

  • Concern about freckles, redness, vascular lesions, skin elasticity
  • Concern about recurrent freckles
  • Experienced side-effect after treatment for freckles, blemishes, and blood vessel
  • Wish to receive painless laser treatment

Treatment process

  • Step.1Diagnosis
  • Step.2Cleansing
  • Step.3Anesthetic cream
  • Step.4Laser treatment
  • Step.5Soothing the skin mask
Please feel free to ask questions about treatment anytime.

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