Face lifting INMODE

The perfect no downtime facelifting!

Solve your skin problem with Dual Hand pieces!

  • Sagging cheeks
    and square jaw

    Lifting Effects
  • No surgery!

    Non invasive
  • Sagging cheeks,
    Double chin!

    Reduce Fat cell effects
  • Make skin
    look younger

  • Make brighten
    and even skin

    Skin tone up!

What is Inmode lifting?

Inmode laser is a non-invasive treatment that delivers radio frequency heating, ending each interval with a High Voltage Pulse to break down fat cell and use Multi-Polar to increase collagen production.
Inmode is particularly effective for lifting,
wrinkles removal, and brightens skin tone.

Principle of INMODE

  • Applied Vaccum
    Vaccum applied and contact with eletrodes is measured
  • Deliver RF energy
    RF energy is applied skin temperature is monitored tissue is heated up to 45-47℃
  • Applied High voltage pulse
    Nanoseond high voltage pulse is applied causing elctro poration
MINI FX : To Contour double chin and sagging cheeks and Fat cell Apoptosis by HVP energy at 45-47℃
Mini FX delivers radio frequency energy and HVP (High Voltage Pulse) to SMAS under skin layers to regenerate collagen and remove useless fat cells.
Forma: To remodel collagen and elastin by Multi-polar RF system
Forma deliver Multi-polar from outer skin layer to dermis under skin layer at 43℃ to regenerate collagen and elastin

Comparison of Lifting between U device and Inmode

U device
  • Lifting
    Lifting, Remove wrinkles,
    Increase tightening, Improve skin tone
  • Apply Numbing cream
  • Under 30 minutes
    Time of procedure
    25 minutes
  • 6 months~ 1yr
    1 yr 6 months ~ 2yr
  • Medium Strong
  • No downtime
    No downtime
  • Deliver energy under skin and SMAS layer
    to regenerate collagen
    Remove fat cell under SMAS layer to increase collagen with a High Voltage Pulse


Inmode is extremely popular in the US and Canada,
and has been featured on numerous medical TV shows in America.
Many celebrities swear by this treatment

  • USA EXTRAAmerican TV program that introduce celebrity , scan , photo and video
  • USA Dr. OZ SHOWPopular and faithful program in USA host hit health show by general surgeon Dr. OZ
  • USA Racheal RayAmerican favorite's TV program in USA host by Racheal Ray

Recommend Inmode lifting for those

  • Who concern about double chin or chubby cheeks
  • Who concern about saggy cheeks with a lack of elasticity
  • Who is afraid of the pain during the procedures
  • Who want to achieve V-line and remove fine lines
  • Who want to achieve lifting effect with no downtime

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