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Glove Lifting
Glove Lifting is
D.E.T (Direct Energy Therapy) Technology
that is delivered radio frequency directly
into SMAS layer under the skin.
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet wrinkles
  • sides of the mouth wrinkles
  • Double chin

The magic that erases10 years in 10 minutes!

Glove lifting is delivered directly to generate heat to the deep layer into the skin.
For several minutes, the feat occurs in the upper layer of dermis
that make new fibroblasts and collagen to strengthens the dermis

Principle of Glove lifting

  • Directly transfer energy
    ▶ Old fibroblast exfoliation
  • Generate heat
    in the upper layer of dermis
    ▶ Cell Division and cell proliferation
  • Make collagen and
    improve skin tightening
    ▶ Collagen production
    and skin tightening
  • The energy is the method of Monopolar that moves radio frequency in one direction to transfer more deeper and stronger to keep deep heat for a long time.
  • Glove lifting is delivered radio frequency directly and powerfully that improves skin texture, skin tightening, skin whitening, and cell rebuilder to strengthens the skin dermis.
  • The machine has two different hand pieces to have customized procedures according to the patient's skin conditions.
What is Monopolar?
Frequency laser machine is divided into Monopolar and Bipolar. Bipolar is limited amount of energy and depths of heat But, Monopolar like Thermage FLX can transfer heat to skin depths that is about twice as much as the Bipolar.
The Glove lifting is a method of Monpolar that transfers heat more deeper and stronger than Bipolar to keep deep heat for a long.

Comparison of existing RF lifting

RF lifting
Glove lifting
  • Feel only on the upper layer of dermis and extinct
    Heat energy maintenance
    Maintain heat for 10-20 mins on the under layer of dermis
  • Transfer energy from upper layer to under layer of the dermis
    Transfer energy directly into the dermis
  • Happened spark
    No spark
  • Have difficulties
    During Procedure
    No difficulties
  • Single hand piece or customized procedure by machine
    Customized hand pieces procedures
  • Collagen degenration
    Collagen regeneration, Cell rebuilder, Skin barrier strengthen
  • Transfer energy directly under the skin for short time
  • Have powerful effects without damaging on the target area
  • Powerful effect and Safe for each application
  • Use radio frequency energy of Human-friendly

Safe and Differentiated lifting!

Unlike general lifting that irritates the skin, Glove lifting is treated with a glove,
so it does not damage other areas other than the targeted skin tissue,
so you can see a more safe and powerful lifting effect.
  • Equipped with a smart temperature sensor for safe treatment
  • Possible even if the glove pad does not directly touch the skin
  • On/off control systems for safety and convenience
  • Spark does not occur even if the patient's hair touches during the procedure

Glove lifting for Those who:

  • Those who want a safe treatment on areas that were previously difficult
  • Those who skin is easily sensitive even in a small external environment
  • Those who want a painless lifting procedure
  • Those who want a longer lasting wrinkle reduction effects
  • Those who want multiple effects with one treatment
  • Glove lifting can be applied in combination with various procedures such as HIFU lifting laser, and if you want more effective lifting, it is helpful to combine it with HIFU lifting procedure.
  • Glove lifting gives a warm and comfortable feeling during the procedure with less pain, and no swelling and bruising after the procedure. Patient can go back routine life right after procedure.
Please feel free to ask questions about treatment anytime.

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