Worried about sweat and odor around armpits?
Even our doctors got the treatment too!
Immediate effect after single session by non-invasive method
Destroying odor & sweat glands together
Microwave laser, armpit hair removal effect
Long-lasting effects & quick return to daily life

It's not an injection!

Doctors get this treatment as well!
Guaranteed effect, Mira Dry Fresh!
Hwang Sang Hyeon Jamsil branch representative doctor
Even when I have to run around the hospital, I don't sweat anymore. There's no interfere with everyday life so I had no hesitation getting Mira Dry. I know exactly why I have to recommend it after feeling the effect myself.
Song Byeong Han Hongjae branch representative doctor
I have no worry for the odor and feel very comfortable in everyday life. Even when the odor wasn't that strong, the difference is clear. I recommend this to people around a lot.
Kim Jung Geun Dongdaemun branch representative doctor
It's amazing that I don't have to worry about sweat and odor. It's great that I can have hair removal effect as well. I was also worried that it might hurt but it didn't hurt at all. I had no burden getting this procedure.
What is the procedure like?
Custom design and mark the procedure area that fits my body perfectly
Local anesthesia is administered to assure maximum comfort during the treatment
A special template is used to mark skin in preparation for treatment
The area is treated with miraDry, eliminating sweat and odor glands in the underarms.
What is MIRADRY?
MiraDry Fresh is a non-invasive device delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy beneath the underarm skin to the area where sweat glands are located, resulting in thermolysis of the sweat glands. While the sweat glands are being eliminated through electromagnetic technology, the top layers of the skin are simultaneously cooled and protected.
How does it work?
Targeting only sweat & odor glands and follicles,
without any skin damage
MiraDry sends electromagnetic energy beneath the underarm skin to the area where follicles, sweat & odor glands are located, resulting in thermolysis that eliminate them , while the top layers of the skin are simultaneously cooled and protected.
Fat layer
Hair shaft
Body odor
Eccrine gland
  • Water element sweat
  • Connected to the skin
  • Colorless and odorless
Apocrine gland
  • Protein sweat
  • Connected to hair follicles
  • Colorless and odorless, but causes odor when it meets skin bacteria
It delivers microwave energy to the dermal-fat interface of sweat glands concentration
Fat layer
Eccrine gland
Apocrine gland
Energy concentrated at this interface, forming a central energy zone.(60~70 degree)
Fat layer
Eccrine gland
Apocrine gland
Continuous delivery of cooling energy (15 degrees) protects the skin from heat and creates a heat zone in the area where sweat glands are located
What results can I expect?
Long-term effectiveness proven by 3-year clinical follow-up (starch-iodine test)
3 month later
2 years later
Area that doesn't go under procedure
(black area is sweat)
3 years later
Sweat that turned black by strach-iodine
Sweat examination before the treatment
12 month later
Procedure area that doesn't sweat after Mira Dry
Sweat examination 12month after the treatment
Normal sweat glands
Separation of sweat gland nuclei, completion of cell necrosis
Sweat glands are scientifically removed
Why miraDry?
Method Deodorant Botox injection Surgical treatment Miradry
Effect none V depending on doctor’s skill satisfying effect
Lasting Effect several hours 6-7month short time V semi-permanent effect
Downtime V V hospitalization, recovery time required daily routine is available
non invasive V mini-invasive possibility of side effect potential risk of surgery V
miraDry Fresh Official Certification Center Renewme Skin Clinic
Renewme Skin Clinic has completed miraDry official certification course
Who is the best candidate?
  • Those diagnosed with hyperhidrosis (armpit)
  • Those whose clothes are often stained with sweat
  • Those for whom Botox treatment is no longer effective
  • Those who suffered from smelly sweat (bromhidrosis)
  • Those who overusing antiperspirant
  • Those who are concerned about scar or recurrence from sweat gland removal surgery
Frequent questions about miraDry?
QWhat results can I expect?
Research results show an average of 86% reduction in sweat glands after the procedure . Patient satisfaction of over 90%
QIs treatment painful?
There is almost no pain because the treatment is performed after local anesthesia
QWhen can I see visible result?
Right after the procedure, sweat production is reduced, allowing you to feel soft, and sweat production continues to decrease for about a month
QHow long is lasting effect?
Once the sweat glands are destroyed, they are not regenerated, so the effect is maintained continuously
QIs one session treatment enough?
In most cases, you can see lasting effects with one treatment, however, if the sweat glands and odor are too strong or the sweat glands are located too deep, a second treatment may be necessary



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