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Detailed PRP Hyaluronic Injection Review
Register : 2014-10-24 10:15:59 am

As a Chinese, I always envied my Korean friends for having perfect skin without putting on any makeup. When I started working at a dermatology clinic, I found out the reason behind all the perfect skin, and became interested in the PRP "water shine" injection.

This injection is said to be much more effective than using packs/masks at home. A lot of my friends have this procedure about 3 times a year. I wanted moist, glowing skin like my friends... this injection did just that for me, as well as improving some fine lines, pores, and sebum.

Derma Shine Injection is a treatment that injects Hyaluronic acid into a face which helps keeping your face moisturized which gives 쐅lowing effect on your face. It gives you more moisturized skin and it also improves fine wrinkles and pores.

The procedure I selected was the PRP Hyaluronic injection. Platelets were extracted from my blood to be inserted into my skin along with a hyaluronic solution. Just one session has the effect of 800 mask packs! I've taken photos to show the whole process.




First, I applied some anesthetic cream and waited for 30 minutes.


While waiting, they drew my blood. This didn't hurt at all!




This is the nurse putting my blood into some machine that condenses and separates the platelets.



This is the needle used for the injection. There are 5 tiny needles inside that are injected evenly across the skin. Since the needles were so small, I felt small pricks but not any pain.



This is me receiving the injections. :) The injection gun is connected to a machine. The whole procedure only took about 15 minutes.




After the procedure, I was moved to skin care room and got post-procedure care.

Cryo-cell was the first care I got. They told me that Cryo-cell is a procedure that permeates moisture into my skin by electric energy, and it helps with soothing and moisturizing. When I was getting this treatment, they put Renewme셲 moisturizer and moisturizing gel to permeate through my skin, and I really liked it because Renewme셲 cosemetics have many good ingredients in them but most importantly that have EGF in then which is essential after having procedure done! It felt really nice and soothing with cryo-cell at such cold temperature.

After Cryo-cell procedure they put Bio-cellulose facial mask onto my face. It셲 really well known of not using any chemical substances but natural ingredients from coconut. It has moisturizing, soothing and brightening effects!




After I put on the facial mask, I go under Omega Light. The red mode of Omega light helps with soothing after laser treatments, facial redness, easing infection and soothing facial troubles. Because the Bio-cellulose facial mask has high light penetration ratio, with Omega light, it boosts up the effect of laser treatment and the absorption of good ingredients of the facial mask.




This is me right after removing facial mask. Doesn셳 my skin look brighter?

The nurse told me that some people with sensitive skin could get bruises or needle marks, but I didn셳 have any of those problems with my face!


This is me on the subway on my way home!!! :)



This is me 4 days after the procedure!

As you can see my face is GLOWING and I don't have sebum as much as before!

I think it's great that it doesn't affect my daily routine after procedure!

This kind of procedure is so convenient and the effect is so good that I'm going to do it again!




It셲 important to keep your skin moisturized, but it셲 especially more important to put on enough moisturizer after Derma Shine Injection treatment while the skin is being regenerated.

Renewme셲 Intensive Moisturizing Cream has ceramide in it, which is a substance that protects my skin barrier, and of course it has natural moisturizing factor in it as well, which helps my skin with moisturizing. It셲 a must have for people who got procedures done!


I can also do a skincare, just like Cryo-cell procedure, at my own home too!

After I wash my face at night, all I have to do is, put lots of Renewme셲 moisturizer and massage my face with Derma Cooler which I셶e been keeping in my fridge. It eases redness on my face and moisturizes my face~ Derma cooler needs to be in the fridge for at least 3 hours, but I just put it in the fridge the day before, which is more convenient for me!

What I do at home is:

I put moisturizer and use Derma Cooler every day, and I try to put on the facial mask at least twice a weekJ The best thing about this facial mask is that the 쐓erum on the mask gets absorbed so well onto my face, and that I can move around and do anything I want with the mask on my face. Its adherence is so good that it doesn셳 fall off no matter what I do! You know you want to move around when you have masks on! And the best of best thing is that it셲 so easy to put on!


All I have to do is; after I wash my face, I take off the white film from the mask, and then put the bio-cellulose mask onto my face with the translucence felt at the same time. And then take off the felt on the outside, and then I carefully adhere the mask onto my face. I do it twice a week for 20 minutes. When I look at myself in the mirror after doing this whole process, my skin looks much better with a glow!

So the whole package I got was:

Renewme Skin Clinic셲

PRP Derma Shine + Cryo-cell + facial mask + LED + Moisturizer + Derma Cooler + 10 facial mask