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A permanent way to restore balding hair? Contact us today to see whether YOU are eligible for hair transplantation at Renewme Skin Clinic! 



Promotion applies to FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) method:


Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), otherwise known as strip harvesting, is the most common method used for hair transplantation. The procedure consists of removing a strip of skin from the scalp (about 3-4 centimeters in height), generally in posterior areas unaffected by hair loss. Once this wound is stitched together, a group of skilled assistants separate each individual hair follicle from the strip, removing excess tissues while making sure the follicles themselves remain undamaged. Each follicle is then placed into an injector, which simultaneously punctures the skin and plants the follicle in targeted sites.




How many grafts do I need?
In order to know which price/promotion applies to you, please send us a photo of your front and rear scalp to renewmeview@gmail.com
Our doctors will take a look and tell you how many grafts are recommended!

Why Renewme Skin Clinic?
The doctors at Renewme Skin Clinic are dermatology specialists with many years of experience. It is important to select a doctor that has plenty of skill and practice with hair transplantation, since this skill (including design, determining direction & density of implantation etc.) will change the results and survival rate of your surgery!
Furthermore, the assistants who dissect your hair follicles are also quite experienced as a team, and will make sure the follicles planted are in best possible condition.

What happens after surgery?



1. How long is the procedure?

In total, the surgery will take approximately 4-5 hours.

2. How many times do I need to visit the clinic (how long should I stay in Korea)?

Patients are required to visit the clinic on the day after surgery to dress wounds, and 10-14 days later to remove stitches. However, if you cannot stay in Korea for 2 weeks, you can have the stitches removed back in your own country by a local surgeon. Short answer: Ideally 2 weeks, minimum 2 days.

3. When will I see full results?

This differs among patients. A few weeks after surgery, all the transplanted hairs will fall out while the roots still remain. New hairs will then start to grow it will generally take about 6 months to 1 year for completely natural results.

4. Can I book a consultation and surgery on the same day?

Yes, of course! However, since the surgery takes up to 4-5 hours, our doctor needs to clear his/her schedule and not receive any other patients for half a day. Therefore, to book a surgery, a non-refundable deposit fee of 10% is required via bank transfer before you arrive in Korea. We suggest you send in your photo for an online consultation before booking an appointment.


  1. For a smooth procedure and best possible effects, it is recommended that patients receive scalp massages 1-2 weeks prior to procedure (rear scalp, 3 sessions a day, 10 minutes per session). 
  2. Quit any nutritional supplements 2-3 weeks prior to procedure, including vitamins, tonics, Omega-3, Oriental medicine etc.
  3. Do not smoke for at least 2 weeks prior to procedure. Smoking reduces blood circulation and may cause complications.
  4. Do not take aspirin or consume alcohol for 10 days prior to procedure.
  5. Do not take Minoxidil for 1 week prior to procedure. 
  6. Do not take any anti-inflammatory painkillers on the day before procedure. 
  7. Get plenty of sleep before visiting the clinic for your operation. Wash your hair the night before or morning of procedure.
  8. Have a light breakfast on the day of procedure.
  9. Do not drive on the day of procedure. 
  10. Cutting bangs beforehand may help cover up the procedure area until transplanted hairs are fully grown.
  11. Continue taking your routine medications for existing conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, etc. not including aspirin. 
  12. If there are any medications you are currently taking, inform the clinic in advance. If you have any other questions regarding medication or anything else, contact us. 

  1. Transplanted follicles require about 10 days to completely settle. Take extra caution to maintain your hair. Do not scratch or rub transplanted area for at least 2 weeks.
  2. If procedure area is itching or wet, gently press instead of rubbing/scratching.
  3. Visit the clinic on the day after procedure to dress your wound.
  4. Use a cold pack for 2-3 days to avoid swelling.
  5. Scabs that form after the procedure will fall off naturally within a week; do not pick at them.
  6. Start shampooing lightly 2 days after procedure.
  7. Wait for at least 2 weeks before wearing a wig.
  8. Patients may experience swelling in the face for a few days. This is a natural response.
  9. Light jogging or biking is permitted after 4 days. Fitness workouts and running is permitted after 10 days. Avoid excessive exercise for at least 3 weeks.

Have any more questions? 
CONTACT US TODAY for online consultation & more guidelines!

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