• Wrinkle, Pore,
    Skin texture improvement
  • Stimulate
    regrowth of collagen
  • Skin
  • Lifting

Monopolar Radio Frequency lifting


What is

Volnewmer is an RF lifting laser that uses Monopolar RF (Radio Frequency) to penetrate deep into the dermal layer of skin and occur solidification of skin tissue to induce collagen formation.

It shows a significant outcome of skin tissue solidification and delivers thermal energy delicately through unipolar radiofrequency.
The cooling and vibration system relieve pain with improved safety, allowing the patients to experience a fast and comfortable treatment. 

Its safety has been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

A principle of Volnewmer

  • Electricity irradiation
    of radio frequency
  • Convert electricity
    to thermal energy
  • Solidification
    of skin tissue
  • Skin tissue
    solidification effect

Features of Volnewmer

Less side-effect and less pain

It reduces pain and protects the surface of the skin through five different levels of the vibration system and six levels of cooling levels
  • Cooling system
  • Vibration system
  • Maintenance of the vibration and cooling system when irradiating radiofrequency energy

Effect of Monopolar Radio Frequency

The effect of Volnewmer is to induce skin tissue solidification by delivering thermal energy through Monopolar Radio Frequency.
  • Conversion of Radio Frequency Energy
  • Skin tissue solidification effect

Customized tip of target area

A detailed treatment by using suitable tips depending on a target area.
  • V TIP
  • I TIP
  • S TIP
  • F TIP

We recommend for those who

  • Concern about sunken cheeks after performing lifting laser
  • Have thin skin
  • Concern about fine wrinkles and pores
  • Want to perform lifting and immediately return to daily activity

Precautions of

  • Please remove jewellery before treatment.
  • Please avoid drinking and smoking before and after the treatment.
  • Please do not rub the target area after the treatment.
  • Please keep the treated area moisturized after the treatment.
  • Please avoid the sauna for about 3-5 days
  • Please avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen.
▣Refund/ Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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