Doublo Gold

New Upgraded HIFU lifting!

Doublo Gold

About 40% speed faster than
previous version!

Doublo Gold

Doublo gold is a high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy that transfers heat to skin depths, 3-4 mm into SMAS layer under the skin. It has Lifting effect without incision. Especially, the laser's speed is two times faster than existing double laser, and possible to treat a precise procedures with less painful.

Principle of Doublo gold

HIFU is delivered into the 3~4.5mm of SMAS layer located under the skin with 1mm and made thermal coagulation points on the treated area. If the thermal reaction is over 60 degrees in the heat coagulation area, the sagging skin tissue contracts to make skin tighten. Continuously, the results make the skin regeneration reaction for making new collagen and elastin and lasts the effects over 6 months.

Advantages of Doublo gold HIFU laser

  • 1  Two times speed faster than
        previous version

    Doublo gold is improved by more 40% fast repetitious shooting for less painful

    Depth of Skin layer Existing
    4.5mm into SMAS  15 min 39 sec 8 min 15 sec
    3.0mm into Subcutaneous fat  17 min 00 sec 8 min 06 sec
    1.5mm into Dermis  17 min 09 sec 8 min 03 sec
    Total treatment time  30 min 8 min
  • 2  More efficient shots with safe

    Doublo gold delivers ultrasound faster and more efficient for maximum results to target the deeper layers of skin

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