Thread Lifting

A secure and effective way to
reverse elasticity & wrinkle

Thread Lifting

Regenearte collagen

Increase Elasticity

Decrease Wrinkle

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Midas Lift Thread
(Ultra V lifting)

Increase Elasticity & Improve your skintone

Ultra V lifting is an patented protein thread, which is decomposed in our body and approved as a highest safety grade by the KFDA. It is injected into dermal skin with pulling to the desired direction, and adjusting the number of threads. It improves your skin elasticity and decreases wrinkles with skin brightening and collagen production.


Volume Thread

Lifting and volume up sagging nasolabial line

Volume Thread is effective in lifting sagging skin by inserting a spring-shaped melting thread, and filling with volume on sunken area. It makes the skin more elasticity with the spring's resiliency force. Even through the thread melted away, those effects will last for a long because of regenerating skin inside of the spring to fill the space in the face.

Supplementary Tube


PDO Thread


Slim Spine Thread
(Fox lifting)

Effective double chin lifting with slim spine

Fox lifting is the 6th generation thread that secures the disadvantage of existing other spin threads. If It's injected the skin with a 360 degree- spiral, it has less bending and moving in the skin. It's also effective in double lifting effects of high-density bidirectional spindle to have excellent facial lifting and elasticity improvement.

Bidirectional thread
inside of needle

Bidirectional thread
outside of needle


Molding Spiral Thread
(Blue Rose · Consultina Lifting)

Strong Elasticity & Wrinkle improvement

Blue Rose lifting is a facial tissue fixing thread that approved by the FDA and KFDA and proved to safety. It's a 360 degree spiral-shaped with excellent fixation and retention. Compared to other threads, it's a cog size that is about 8 times smaller with providing effective elasticity and wrinkle improvement.


Silhouette Soft

Rearrange fat by Sculptra threads
& Collagen production effect
Strong Elasticity & Wrinkle improvement

Silhouette thread is a patented cone-shaped thread, which is decomposed in the body. It helps to stimulate the collagen production and regeneration to restore smoother and more toned skin. As the skin layer is reconstituted, it effects immediate volume, lifting, and skin improvement.

▣Refund/ Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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