Gummy Smile Btoxin

How to restore a confident smile?

Gummy Smile
Btoxin Injection

Non surgical! Quick! Safe!


Before and after photo(s)on the website represent outcomes of individual patients. As each patient is different, the results may vary by individual. Content is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

Types of Btoxin

  • Custom-made
    Korean Btoxin
    • Botulax recognized as the suitable products for Koreans and Asians wiith oustanding effect and reasonable price.
  • Safe without
    • Xeomin is the only Btoxin that is free from complexing proteins It reduces a tolerance effects that leads less effective over time during periodic Btoxin procedures
  • Originally developed
    • Allergan is the firstl Btoxin that approved by FDA, USA. It has been proved effective and safe and is being used all over the world.

What is a gummy smile?

When we smile with our teeth showing, the gums above our teeth are exposed, sometimes excessively. Generally, a smile is considered most ideal and beautiful when it shows about 1 millimeter of gums, or two thirds of teeth.

Some people say that over 3mm of gum exposure may look unnatural, or even aesthetically displeasing.

What causes a gummy smile?

    • If your teeth are protruding outwards, your lips naturally bare your teeth/gums further
    • This makes your lips move higher than necessary when smiling, therefore showing more gums.
    • This makes your teeth appear smaller in comparison and even further accentuates your gums.

Renewme Skin Clinic selects to have a non-surgical for
gummy smile btoxin injection


Gingivectomy, Crown lenthening etc


Btoxin, Filler etc.

  • How does Btoxin word for gummy smiles?
    • Btoxin injections, in short, paralyze muscles and therefore prevent further contraction - this is what keeps wrinkles from deepening. When injected near the lips, it keeps the muscles surrounding your lips from contracting and lifting too much during a smile, therefore exposing less gums.
  • How long will result last?
    • This differs among patients, but generally 4 to 6 months. If you receive injections regularly, the muscles adjust to the degradation, and the effects will last longer over time.
  • How should I prepare for my treatment?
    • Although a simple procedure, Btoxin injections can go wrong if not done properly. It's essential to paralyze the right muscles; if not, your smile can end up looking unnatural and awkward. Therefore, make sure you do plenty of research beforehand and find a doctor that is certified and experienced.

Advantages of Gummy Smile Btoxin

  • NON-
  • HIGH
  • SAFE
  • NON SURGICAL : A simple and quick procedure that do not require anethesia
  • HIGH SATISFACTION RATE: accurate diagnosis and satisfactory results
  • SAFE: No pain, minimal downtime
  • QUICK RECOVERY: Patients can return to daily routine right away

Post-Procedural Guidelines

  • 1If you experience pain or
    excessive swelling, visit our
    dermatologist immediately.
  • 2Light exercising is allowed
    after 10 days, heavy exercise
    after 4 weeks.
  • 3Avoid alcohol and smoking
    for about one week.
  • 4Avoid high temperatures,
    sauna, and hot baths for
    about 1 week.
  • 5Avoid sunbathing, tanning,
    and excessive exposure to
    intense heat or cold until
    swelling does down.