Shoulder Btoxin

Feminine and beautiful shoulder line changes!

Trapezius Collarbone Btoxin

Quick! Simple! Safe!
Make your slim shoulders
with Btoxin!

Shoulder Btoxin
Btoxin 600,000 KRW
- Price above is based on 100 unit of btoxin.
- If more quantity is needed, the price will be different

What is the trapezius muscle?

The trapezius (traps) is a muscle that supports the shoulders and arms, running vertically from the back of the beck down the spine, and extending horizontally to the shoulders.

If theses muscles are overdevelpoed, they may cause your neck to look shorter and your shoulder line rather masculine. It may also be the cause of neck/ shoulder pain.

Example of overdeveloped trapezius muscles

Shoulder Btoxin

Shoulder/ Trapezius Btoxin injections can relax and lower the trapezius muscle to create a feminine shoulder line and the appearance of a longer neck. This can also help with chronic neck/shoulder pain as well, pain that is caused by overdeveloped muscles.

Before & After

  • Before
  • After
  • HIGH
  • SAFE
  • NON
  • PAIN
  • NON SURGICAL : A simple and quick procedure that leaves no scars. marks
  • HIGH SATISFACTION RATE : Fast and satisfactory results
  • SAFE : No anesthesia, no pain, minimal downtime
  • QUICK RECOVERY : Patients can return to daily routine right away
  • PAIN RELIEF : Effective for chronic shoulder pain

Who needs shoulder Btoxin injections?

  • 1Undefined collarbones
  • 2Uneven collarbones
  • 3Overdeloped trapezius
  • 4Shoulder pain
  • 5Short/ thick neck

Post-Procedural Guidelines

  • 1If you experience pain or
    excessive swelling, visit our
    dermatologist immediately.
  • 2Light exercising is allowed
    after 10 days, heavy exercise
    after 4 weeks.
  • 3Avoid alcohol and smoking
    for about one week.
  • 4Avoid high temperatures,
    sauna, and hot baths for
    about 1 week.
  • 5Avoid sunbathing, tanning,
    and excessive exposure to
    intense heat or cold until
    swelling does down.