Calf Btoxin

Easy solution for slender legs!

CALF Btoxin

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Calf Btoxin

Btoxin 600,000 KRW

Price above is based on 100 unit of btoxin.
If more quantity is needed, the price will be different

What is calf Btoxin?

Calf Btoxin is a simple Btoxin injection that can reduce the size of overdeveloped and defined muscles in the calves by blocking the signals from the nerves to muscles, relaxing muscles for a prolonged period of time, which results in atrophy. It is a highly effective treatment for correcting the shape and lines of your legs, making them look more slender and slim.

Before & After photo


Before and after photo(s)on the website represent outcomes of individual patients.
As each patient is different, the results may vary by individual.
Content is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

Advantages of Calf Btoxin

  • Patients can return to their
    daily routines right away.
  • The treatment requires no
    anesthesia and leaves no
  • The procedure is finished
    in 10-20 minutes.

Treatment Procedure

  • Treatment Time10minutes
  • DowntimeMinimal
  • Effects Last4-6 months
  • Effects Show In3-4 Weeks

Post-Procedural Guidelines

  • 1If you experience pain or
    excessive swelling, visit our
    dermatologist immediately.
  • 2Light exercising is allowed
    after 10 days, heavy exercise
    after 4 weeks.
  • 3Avoid alcohol and smoking
    for about one week.
  • 4Avoid high temperatures,
    sauna, and hot baths for
    about 1 week.
  • 5Avoid sunbathing, tanning,
    and excessive exposure to
    intense heat or cold until
    swelling does down.
▣Refund/ Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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