More                  natural

More                  longer lasting

Self corium Collagen Booster



1,500,000 KRW (1 vial)

(A highly polymerized compound, PDLA + HA component)

Make the skin more solid from into the skin to the skin's surface!
Have natural effects with longer lasting!

Juvelook is approved safety by FDA, USA and KFDA. It is a self corium filler that combines polymer PDLA and HA components in human skin tissue.
Unlike other fillers, It provides an instant volume effects after injection into the skin. It also promotes the production of collagen with natural volume. It improves skin elasticity, fine lines and skin texture.

  • Instant Effects
    right after
  • Improve
    & Volume
  • Excellent

Juvelook with circular
porous structure

  • POINT 1

    Proven stability

    Approved by FDA, USA
    and KFDA, Korea

  • POINT 2

    Natural Volume

    Natural effects
    to boost collagen regeneration

  • POINT 3

    Complete Healthy skin

    Improve tightening
    and healthy skin
    by activating skin regeneration

  • POINT 4

    No substances

    Decomposes the substances naturally
    in the body with biodegradable
    and bioabsorbable properties

Principle of Juvelook

  • 1

    Inject juvenlook between dermal layer and subcutaneous layer on sunken volume and wrinkles area.

  • 2

    Boost new tissue and collagen when PDLA particle is decomposed.

  • 3

    Check the effects after 6 weeks for skin restoration.

Product S

Sculptra is a PLLA(Poly-L-Latic-Acid) injection that takes time to melt the large particles. It can be applied to large volume correction of the face.


Product J

Juvelook is a PDLA(Poly-D-Latic-Acid) injection that of the face. It takes time to melt quickly and regularly than Product S. It can applied to s small area with tiny particle such as fine lines.


Juvelook for those who :

  • Have loosing skin
    and large pores
  • Worry about
    fine lines
    for whole face
  • Want
    natural volume
  • Want skin
    restoration with
    longer lasting


Before and after photo(s)on the website represent outcomes of individual patients.
As each patient is different, the results may vary by individual.
Content is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

▣Refund/ Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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