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Dermatologist's Filler Testimonial
Register : 2014-12-09 01:24:45 pm

I'm Dr. Yang Yoon Seok, head dermatologist of the Seocho branch. 


I hadn't realized because I've worn glasses for such a long time, but without my glasses, my temples were dented and made my cheekbones look more protruded. After consulting my fellow dermatologists, I decided to receive the AestheFill injection on my temples.



AestheFill is a PLA filler which accelerates collagen regeneration. Like Sculptra, this is a natural way to increase volume to your face slowly over time.




The procedure was done by Dr. Ha Ji Hyun, head of the Jamsil branch and one of the most experienced dermatologists of our network. 30 minutes after anesthetic cream was applied, the filler was injected. I did not feel much pain.



You can see that my temples have more volume and my cheekbones are smoother.


AestheFill is a long-term filler that can last for up to 2 years. Overall volume may decrease over the first 2 weeks, but increases again after 4-6 weeks as new cells and collagen are regenerated. The solution is eventually discharged from the body as carbon dioxide, and does not effect any other areas of the body.