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Detailed Excel V Treatment Review
Register : 2014-10-23 04:05:20 pm

I decided to receive the Excel-V treatment because of my facial flushing.

Excel V uses 3 modes to destroy pigmentation, flushing, and other complicated skin problems.

Since there was no need to use anesthesia, I knew the treatment wouldn't hurt - and sure enough it was painless. Of all the blood vessel treatments you can get in Korea, this one has the best effects! The whole procedure only took about 10 minutes.


They applied some sort of ointment after the laser treatment.


Afterwards I did a pack and rejuvenating laser. Rather than doing just the pack, this is supposed to be much more effective.




This picture is me right after the procedure. My skin is already looking smoother!


This is me on the day after. My skin is so much better now. My redness is gone, and my skin tone is much brighter!

This is my before and after. The effects are clearly visible. Excel-V is the best!!