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Acne Review from Chinese Patient
Register : 2014-10-23 01:30:20 pm

I am a Chinese student currently studying in Korea. All my Korean friends have really good skin, and after being around them for so long I started to be more interested in my own skin too. I came across a really good opportunity during my stay in Korea to visit skin clinics recently and receive treatment for myself.

I was stressed from my studies and my irregular schedule, and as a result I got a lot of acne. In the past I used to pop my own pimples, so I had some scars too. My friend introduced me to a skin clinic called Renewme.

Most Chinese people decide on a clinic just by looking at other people셲 reviews and before/after photos. But I think what셲 really important is to do more research on the procedure, on the clinic, on the doctor etc. I checked the doctor셲 certification and education before my treatment too.

As soon as I entered the clinic, I was impressed with the interior. The staff all had really good skin and in general I had a good feeling about the place. At first, when I used the skin diagnosis machine, I thought my only problem was acne, but it turned out I had problems with my veins as well. After diagnosis was consultation with the doctor. She recommended Excel V and Mosaic laser and said I also needed treatment for my acne.





This is the skin diagnosis machine; it analyzed my face from several angles. The diagnosis in the end explained about my sebum, wrinkles, and pigmentation. It helped me decide how I should treat and take care of my skin in the future. This was awesome!


Dr. Ha was super friendly. She carefully checked my skin under the light and was very sweet. I was nervous but she made me feel more relaxed.


My first treatment was Excel V.

I did it without anesthesia but it didn셳 really hurt. It was my first time so I was pretty nervous.


At first, the nurse spread some sort of cold gel all over my face. It felt really cool. I put some sort of cover for my eyes to protect them from the laser light. Now it셲 time for treatment.

I was able to feel the laser working on my skin, especially in the spots where my acne scars were. I felt little pricks on my skin from the laser, but they didn셳 hurt. After treatment, my skin became red and felt thinner and more sensitive. The treatment lasted only 10 minutes.


This is me receiving treatment.


After treatment I felt a soothing effect on my skin.



After that I went into another room for the regenerating laser. This laser is supposed to be really good for the skin. It was warm but too bright, so I had to keep my eyes shut the whole time. I also had anesthetic cream on my face, and the whole procedure was done in 5-10 minutes.



Then I went to another room for the Mosaic treatment. This is stronger than the Excel V, but since I had anesthesia I didn셳 feel any pain. During the treatment I was nervous, but afterwards my acne scars improved a lot. I셫 excited to know how clearer my skin will be later.



All my treatments were finished, and the last step was soothing the face. Because of all the laser treatment, my face turned really red. However, the pack calmed it down a lot. 5 minutes later, the nurse came and made some finishing touching, applying sunscreen and BB cream for me too.

The next photo is me 1 hour after treatment. All the redness is gone and my skin is a lot softer. This laser was like magic and totally changed my skin! I셫 definitely going to come here again.

Since I received treatment for the acne scars around my chin, I was told that there might some scabs that would later fall off and make my skin better. I셫 so satisfied!!



This is 3 days after treatment. My skin is a lot brighter and the veins don셳 show. 

Now  I can meet my boyfriend without wearing any makeup!


*This review has been translated from Chinese to English. Original testimony can be found on www.soyoung.com