Hair Transplant
  • Combined with a PRP injection, hair transplanting at Renewme is one of the safest options for you to restore a balanced hair line and prevent further hair loss.
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  • Hair Transplantations
  • Hair transplantation can be done by strip harvesting or by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Strip harvesting is a popular option at Renewme Skin Clinic because the effects are better and scars are minimal. However, we make sure to take our patients concerns into consideration, and offer a customized hair transplantation treatment plan.

Doctor셲 Testimonial

  • Renewme Skin Clinic dermatologists performing hair transplantation on their fellow doctor
  • Doctors are the first patients!
  • Testimonial from Dr. Kim Jung Geun, Director of Renewme Skin Clinic Dongdaemun
  • I셫 glad to have finally taken care of my hair loss and receding hairline. Now I can get rid of the habit of constantly fixing my hair on windy days,and I don셳 need to get a perm every two months. The only problem now is deciding which hairstyle to try next. ^^ The best part is that as a doctor, I know hair loss patients can trust in me better since I셶e experienced the whole process myself and have been in their shoes.


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