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How is hyperhidrosis different from osmidrosis?
Hyperhidrosis is a disease that is triggered by stress or emotional stimulation, in which eccrine glands secrete sweat more than the necessary amount to control body temperature.Hyperhidrosis usually takes place on the palms, soles, armpits, face and scalp; and it’s caused by emotional stimulation, rather than changes in temperature.
How are hyperhidrosis and
osmidrosis different?
Category Osmidrosis Hyperhidrosis
Place of the sweat gland Usually spread out under hypodermis Inside or right under hypodermis
Color of sweat Milk color- slightly yellow No color
Smell of sweat Disgusting odor Fishy smell
Where does hyperhidrosis usually occur?
  • Underarms Because clothes get wet and smell, it’s not hygienic
  • Hand Dermatitis can be caused and daily routine such handshaking or taking notes could be uncomfortable.
  • Feet Athlete’s foot and foot odor can be caused.
Where does hyperhidrosis usually occur?
Do I have hyperhidrosis?
Do I have hyperhidrosis?
  • Because clothes get wet and smell, it’s not hygienic
  • I have used a sweat restrainer or a powder for my sweating.
  • I’m worried because I sweat a lot.
  • I always carry around extra socks or clothes.
  • I sweat a lot when I’m nervous or concentrating.
  • I’ve considered surgery because of my excessive sweating.
  • I take lots of showers because I sweat a lot.
  • I don’t feel comfortable wearing make up because of sweating.
  • I’m worried that I might sweat in front of many people.
  • Sweating affects my job options.
If 6 or more apply to you, then you might have hyperhidrosis.?
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